Acharyaji has ensured that I get my daily quota of soul-food. By accepting my contribution as worthy, he has added a new purpose to my life. He has shown, by example, how to make time. He has responded to every mail I have sent, within minutes.

If you have wondered how deep the ocean was, you may find the answer in Acharyaji's blue eyes!

Acharya Palaniswami sets new standards for efficiency combined with grace and humour!
I am yet to see a photograph of Katirswamiji in which he is not smiling! It seems to me, that he is just waiting for the right moment to spring the surprise that he has been planning!

Sometimes when I sense the stirrings of confusion, I look at his picture. In a few seconds, I find myself smiling and then, I am ready to get back to work.

I look forward to the day when I will be in the presence of this personification of joie-de-vivre!

If you are looking for a symbol of devotion, look no further. In Sadhaka Thondunatha, it is so, so evident.

As he translates Gurudeva's talks in his lyrical Tamil, I am left wondering at how open he has made himself, to receive the wisdom of the sages.

Enthusiasm could well be his middle name!
Can your perspective change within a few minutes of talking to someone on the phone for the first time? Yes, if the person you are talking to is Sadhaka Dandapani!

Patiently, he guides you along to see what you have not before. Gently, he suggests ways to make things work.
You are left basking in the warmth of caring and compassion! 
Thank you for being in my life!
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