Colored Glasses
A Look Inside
I have a lot of questions to which I want answers. I also know that when I get an answer, I will accept it only when it rings true for me. My experience is what makes it true for me. Which basically means, my answers have to come from me. I may find these same answers in those who have walked before me. I still have to walk that path and see the truth for myself. Along this path, I stop to share what I see with you! 

Ordinary happenings of everyday
Hide amazing truths
Which make me stop and wonder
Is this what is called a satori?
All of a sudden this came to me -
"All that is Real comes for free,
For all else we pay a hefty fee!!"

The sun, the moon, the stars in the sky
The mountains, the rivers, the waterfalls
The ocean and the beach, the palm trees
Each one of these comes for free!
Yet we sometimes choose to pay
A very heavy price
And opt for all that is a mere mirage
An optical illusion of
Another dimension!

A fire of a very different type blazes
With arguments, insults and abuses
Cold wars do not soothe these burns
Nor the cheer of lip-service
Heaps of unspoken thoughts aid
Flow of unnecessary feelings
Which form a flood of uncalled-for actions
The sea of tears which follows
Dries up opportunity
for growth of that relation!

How much longer will it take
To recognise and understand
Then to imbibe and realise?
Every moment is but a passing phase
It is only the real that stays
It is only the truth that prevails!!


They say they know it like
the palm of their hand
It makes me wonder
"Do they really!"
Would I recognise
my palm print
Was it shown to me?

Other than the dark lines
Three, or four maybe
What is it I see?
What of the numerous little ones
That run up, down and across?
Thin, fine ones only show up
when you fold or hold
under a very bright light!

How much longer are we
Going to skim the surface
Read the bookjackets
Take cursory glances
Lead superficial existences?
When will we stop laying
Claim to knowledge
When all we know are
a few phrases?
Like the blind leading the blind
We let ourselves
be lead by our ego!
Will we look deeper
Closer, sharper, longer
At the little things
Under our very noses?
Will we accept our arrogance,
Acknowledge our  ignorance?

Four little words
will magically open
this Alibaba's door
Just four little words
Will  reveal a treasure trove
"I do not know!"

Colored Glasses

Why me?
The mind screams
When times are hard
Why not me?
The mind gloats
When times are good!

Good and hard get decided
By a glass I wear, unseen
That colors my sight
Sometimes black, sometimes green
Often pink, rarely yellow
Once in a bluemoon, white!

Appendage  invisible
it  distorts and discolors
Instrument unreliable
It calibrates as it pleases!
What appears to be a flower
It suddenly turns to fire
What it shows as nectar sweet
is poison from the tongue
of a  beast!
It hurts and causes pain
to all concerned
And, yet, builds a dependency
That is hard to understand!

Just when I think
I am rid ot it
I find it back on again
Now in a different color
or on a different plane!
It is becoming easier, though,
To at least know it is on
To apply the necessary correction
So I don't get it wrong!

All I do now is tell myself
No matter what happens
One simple statement applies
To all  situations
It prepares me to see
what is,
is as it was meant to be
One phrase does the tricky tackle,
When accompanied with a little tickle
"Why not me!"


Thrown into the fire
of unforeseen accusations
Frozen by the ice
in unthinkable interpretations
The mind shudders in pain
And longs for a
Change in situation!

Thoughts that never occurred
are given confirmation
Words meant for solace
are met with sarcasm
Actions proven to support
are seen as intrusions
One begins to question
The other's very existence!

It is not difficult to see
That the first termite
Has attacked the foundation
One by one, others will come
bringing death and devastation
To the joy and fun that once existed
in that temple for creation
All those dreams would remain
an unrealised destination!

Is it too late to set things right?
Is it too late to make it bright?
When will things take a turn
for the better of all concerned?
Where will the first change
Happen that will make the difference?
Who will bring along the light
That will burn with all its might?

The time is now
The place is here
The person is I !


An iron filing
Lies among other pieces
Rusting as is but natural
All of a sudden
It feels a strong pull
And wonders then begin!
One little magnet
had found its way
to where this filing was!
Both magnet and filing
find themselves
Unable to move apart
So strong is the attraction!

Days pass by
the filing finds
it is a filing no more
It has become a magnet
All on its very own
Just by being in the presence
in total surrender
It has acquired the nature
It had never known!

Are we iron filings
Attracted to magnets
Of varying magnitude?
Staying in total surrender
do we realise
that we truly, really are
Not mere iron filings
but little magnets all!

Together we grow in this truth
Together we bask in this glory
As each little self becomes one
with that Universal One!


Every cell screams
each hair stands on end
Every pore cries
each part shrieks in pain
The eyes cannot see
for they are blinded by tears
The ears shut out
the sound of words they hear
Words stop abruptly
caught in the throat
Feelings well up
and die even as they unfold
Breath finds no place
to  move, inside or out!!
Blood stops flowing
even as
the heart stops its beating.

The temple is reduced
to stones
and the being seen as
flesh and bones!
When four-letter love
reduces to three
and turns into sex
When it could easily be God!
When the four-letter life
Increases by one
to become death
when all along it was
and will always be
the journey of a  SOUL!


I dream of the day
When I would be seen
as a person!
Not having to check
Male or female
Not having to declare
Religion and nationality
Just being treated as a
Being in this Universe!

I dream of the day
When all teachers
Would tolerate one another
Just as they expect us to tolerate
Our neighbour
See another as God
Irrespective of whether
He be from that school or any other!

I dream of the day
When I can open a book
And not see a comparison
When I can listen to a talk
And not hear a crticism
When I can filter the truth
And not feel a condemnation!

I dream such dreams
Knowing the more I dream
The more the chances
Of their coming true
The greater our chances
of moving towards the truth
The truth that we are ONE
No matter what we think, say or do!

If God does not differentiate
What right have I?
The Sun does not shine any less
On a condemned one
Or any more on another Chosen!
The tree gives her shade to all
Who choose to stand at her feet
Who am I to differentiate
Between me and my neighbour
Between one teacher and another?
The strength is in the teaching
And not in the teacher
The teaching, itself, is in God!

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