Is & 'er
Divine Math
In and Out
Drops In The Ocean
Is & er

When you hear them say "flower",
What is it you understand?
Flow-er : the one who flows
That is what I understand.

When you hear them say "prayer",
What is it you understand?
Pray-er : the one who prays
That is what I understand.

When you hear them say "tender",
What is it you understand?
Tend-er : the one who tends
That is what I understand.

He who flows does not glow
In the thoughts of those around him
Instead he plows his own path.

He who prays does not prey
On the words of those around him;
Instead he plays his own song.

He who tends does not bend
Under the deeds of those around him
Instead he mends his own need.

When next I stand at the altar,
That place which alters,
Before He who is the mast, the Master,
What will I be?
A tender flower in prayer, maybe!

Divine Math

Is that what life is
The sight, the smell, the sound, the taste, the touch!
Is it the scene, the scent,
The melody, the meal, the material!
Is it the air around, the space beyond, the earth below,
The fire inside, the water ahead!

Is that what life is
The feeling, the knowing, the caring, the sharing, the understanding
The romance, the experience, the adventure, the mystery, the discovery,
The ride, the flight, the journey, the cruise, the voyage
Is life
The awareness, the happiness, the consciousness, the freedom, the bliss
The practice, the service, the meditation, the contemplation, the realisation!

Permutations and combinations
of elements, senses, feelings, emotions, activities, qualities -
Is this what Life is?
A play of colour, a festival of light, a celebration of being,
A dance of soul, a symphony of spirit!

Life is all this, and much, much more.
Life is all this, and yet is not.

A word, a phrase ....... A look, a place  ........ These, among a myriad other things, have the potential to awaken something that lies asleep inside. And, then the sweet nagging  begins, as what is awake tries to rise and move and find an identity in creation!
In and Out

A man is in prison
for having once killed another
His brother roams free,
though he too, has killed
a chicken every day
a child's joy sometimes,
a wife's dreams often
a friend's enthusiasm many times,
and thereby, his own joy in life.
What is the crime? Who is the inmate?

A woman is in prison
For having once robbed another
Her sister roams free,
though she,too has robbed
an egg of its life, every day
a child of its smile, sometimes
a husband of his peace, often
a friend of her fun, many times
and thereby, her own happiness in living.
What is the crime? Who is the inmate?

It is not difficult to see
Not much difference exists
Between the man and his brother
The woman and her sister
Each is an inmate
In a prison of his own creation -
One material, the other not.

Each needs to break loose
All shackles that hold him
Each needs to breathe free
The fresh air around him
Each needs to drink deep
Of the peace that surrounds him
Each needs to find love
In the heart that has been given him.

Only then will there be no prisons and no inmates
Only then will everyone be neither inside nor out.
Everyone will just be
from now till eternity.
Universal Triplets

There has always been some magic
And, perhaps, a bit of logic,
In the number Three, which appears
In stories of God and His glories.
Of Magi, musketeers and little pigs
Of trilogies, tridents and triumvarates.
Closest home, however, are the three
I, Myself and Me!

"Who am I?", I ask myself
An answer I get from me.
I am nobody, waiting as
Somebody in me, untiringly
gathers everybody into myself.

"What am I?", I ask myself
An answer I get from me.
I am nothing, watching as
Something of me, effortlessly
sees everything in myself.

"Where am I?", I ask myself
An answer I get from me.
I am nowhere, wandering as
Somewhere in me, mysteriously
Is a place with myself everywhere.

"What do I know?",  I ask myself
An answer I get from me.
I know nothing, wondering as
Something in me, quietly
Teaches myself everything.

And, so between the three of us, you see
We have covered infinity
In its entirety!

Parts of a Whole

We come in all shapes and sizes
From many different places
We come in all colours and shades
With many different faces!
We all have a name, I see,
Which falls within a to z!

Could each letter signify
One single quality,
Which when put all together
would give us the totality
of universality?

Could each one of us
Be one single emotion
Which when put all together
Would form the consummation
Of creation?

Could this be what makes us
No different from another?
When all we see, here and there,
Is love's infinite forms everywhere!

One single flower serves as a symbol
Of surrender to The Supreme,
Two little words serve as a token
Of gratefulness to The creator.

Would it not be better, I wonder,
If with every breath and every thought,
In all I say and all I do
All that I express is gratitude?

Then would I begin to see You
in all that appears before me!
Then would I begin to hear You
in all the sounds around me!
Then would begin my journey
towards realizing You in me!

Words, even two,
Would no longer be needed
For You, who are The Word,
With me would have blended
And become One ...
with the silence.

Reason for Hope

I saw this phrase and
Wondered at the paradox
For if there is that one thing
That transcends reason
It is hope.

Hope needs no reason
for it to exist
Hope needs no sanction
for it to persist!
Neither class nor creed
nor race nor gender
Can hold their sway
Before this wonder!

Hope lies in the deepest corner
Of every being
When all is well, there still is hope
That it will all get better
When  things go wrong, there still is hope
That it will all get better!
Either way, you see the message
Is for good cheer
There just is no option for any
Of us here!

The mammoth hopes to use its might
The minutest to survive
The scientist hopes to succeed
The criminal to elude
The heart hopes for universality
The body for immortality!

Hope has permeated our very soul
Without letting it be known!
We are fully soaked in it
Right to our very core
No appreciation or acknowledgement
Does it want of us
Just hopes to be able to
do the best for us!
So how can I find a reason for hope?
Should I start to hope for a reason!


Universal Triplets
Parts of a Whole
Reason for Hope
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