I have always been in awe of authors and poets and painters and dancers and actors and ...... the list goes on. How do they do it? What makes them create such beauty? Can everyone do all this? Why are only some able to perform so as to reach millions of lives? HOW do they do it?!!

It was in November of 1999, that two wonderful people pushed and prodded me into finding some of these gifts, within me. Diane Shirazi, posted a guided imagery that popped the lid rid out of my pot of paints. John Harricharan would not rest, till I actually sent him leaves from the tree of my life!
You would have to detour for the rest of that story which, I must tell you, had a happy twist!
Stay here for the poems, which I have put into little collections. I hope they will add to your perspective!
A word, a phrase
To Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Home is where the OM is!
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