With each thought, I build the temple of my mind
With word and deed, I build those of my intellect and body.

Thought by thought
word by word
deed by deed
I build the temple that is my life
Temples many,
the deity, just one
my soul
one part of the Whole!

I  choose my bricks carefully
this temple is to last forever
Held by the gravity of my true nature
Which knows no wants
from another!
Each action of mine
Pure, innocent and divine
Raised in prayer
Risen in love
Aroused by the light
that shines within!

It takes years
to smooth each stone
to clean and to polish
to uncover the beauty
buried under dirt
the diamond in the coal!
The days are long, the work is hard
it is for the lion-hearted
who live in sweet surrender 
Protected, guided
every step of the way
by that Higher power!

I know one day the Temple
will be ready and built
worthy of worship
Meanwhile, the Deity awaits
watching, observing, responding
As I run circles around me
Clearing this area
Cleaning that space
Till all is gleaming and ablaze
with all the love
that I can muster

I am a temple builder in another way, too!

I raise funds for the San Marga Iraivan Temple, being built by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, on the Garden Island of Kauai. All that is needed is 12 cheques....... for a million dollars, each!

I offer a collection of poems,  towards this cause. Taste the fruits of my poet tree. Contribute any amount, in any currency and you will become a Temple Builder, too! May I suggest  $15 towards 3 pounds of stone?


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